We are excited to announce the launch of NIKOSAX’S newly designed website – www.nikosax.dk.

Our goal is to create an interactive, solution-oriented, and user-friendly platform that is tailored to the needs of our current and prospective valued customers and partners.


A New Experience from beginning to end

Learn about the conditions of our continued operations amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

NIKOSAX continues to stay open as usual. Just like the rest of the world, with great worry, we are keeping an eye on the latest developments in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. We value cooperating with you and would therefore like to inform you about the conditions of our continued operations and our remedies during these challenging times.  


Avoid profit-draining cash flow mistakes through tax refunds.

One of the most impactful profit draining mistakes to avoid is not paying close attention to cash flow (Business Advice, 2017), and one of the first steps to tackling cash flow is indeed to identify where your business is losing profit.
In the EU, almost €5.47 billion in cross-border tax entitlements remain unclaimed every year, according to the European Commission (InvestmentEurope, 2015). Even if your company is making claims for refunds, utilizing the services of an experienced partner like NIKOSAX will mean that your firm is able to recover every penny in a timely fashion.
NIKOSAX has for its 50 years of existence, been in constant communication with EU tax authorities in their native languages. The result is that NIKOSAX is able to remove all the impediments facing cross-border tax recovery such as the underlisted.

France: Quarterly reimbursement of TICPE (excise duty).

In order to support the road transporters of goods and passengers, the French Government made a decision at the beginning of June that the partial reimbursement of the Domestic Consumption Tax on Energy Products (TICPE) will be granted on a quarterly rather than the semi-annual basis for consumption carried out since January 1, 2020.


NIKOSAX A/S has from August 2018, launched a new Tax- ervice product: “Due Date Excise Duty Refund (DER)”. Under this service, NIKOSAX prefinances excise duty refunds so that customers receive their money shortly after the fulfilment of all requirements without waiting for tax authorities to make disbursements, which can take several months or even years in some cases.