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In order for your company to be permitted to offer products and services in a foreign country (within Europe), it must be registered for VAT in that country.

NIKOSAX has throughout its 50 years of experience, built a profound knowledge about VAT registration and payment processes as well as recent legislation and regulations.

Therefore, you can be assured that we will submit your VAT declarations on time to the relevant authorities and that you do not infringe any statutory regulations.


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How it works?

  1. Coach operator A, based in Odense, DK is a customer of NIKOSAX.
  2. Has been asked by a travel agency in DK to perform an occasional journey to Krakow, PL.
  3. So, while performing this trip the bus driver collects the information how many kilometers he was driving in each country.
  4. The information on Kilometers plus invoices will be used by NIKOSAX to calculate the respective VAT amounts due in the countries.
  5. NIKOSAX prepares the tax declarations and manages the payment process of due taxes.
NIKOSAX will register and pay for VAT (which is partially refundable) on behalf of Bus companies travelling through the following countries:


  • Denmark Denmark
  • Germany Germany
  • Poland Poland
  • Belgium Belgium
  • Croatia Croatia
  • Slovenia Slovenia
  • Austria Austria