We are excited to announce the launch of NIKOSAX’S newly designed website – www.nikosax.dk.

Our goal is to create an interactive, solution-oriented, and user-friendly platform that is tailored to the needs of our current and prospective valued customers and partners.

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What’s New?

Our new website is fully featured with a help center, FAQ and configurable service packages among others. In line with our core values of Trust, Communication and Quality, we have ensured that at every stage on our website, visitors are able to interact with NIKOSAX. We have also ensured an uncluttered and transparent design across the site to make for easy and intuitive navigation whether on mobile or desktop applications.

Visitors to our new website are greeted with detailed information about us and our services with clear paths on how to reclaim their overpaid taxes.

The site is fully integrated with our social media platforms for a unified experience: NIKOSAX on LinkedIn, NIKOSAX on Google Plus & NIKOSAX on YouTube.

Aside these, there’s a whole host of smaller but impactful changes that we trust will positively enhance your NIKOSAX experience and ultimately deliver financial returns in the most convenient way. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback about your use of our website and integrated online services: contact us.


NIKOSAX is your one-stop-shop service provider of all kinds of tax services for businesses across Europe.

We reclaim your money! Whenever and wherever it’s possible!