Excise duty refund


Excise duty or taxes on diesel incurred abroad (within Europe) are partially refundable for goods and passenger transportation businesses.

These partial refunds are obtainable from Belgium, France, Italy, Slovenia, Hungary, and Spain.

Trucks weighing 7.5 tonnes, as well as buses registered in categories M2 and M3 are entitled to this type of refund. But the application procedure is time-consuming and involves a high level of administrative work and each of the refund countries have different requirements in relation to application forms and deadlines.

However, our experienced staff ensure that your applications for Excise Duty refund are filled in correctly and submitted within given deadlines. By using our service, you shall save valuable time and internal resources, and can conveniently concentrate on your core business. Your Excise Duty refund applications are in good hands with us. So, take advantage of our 50-year established rapport with tax authorities and our competencies in creating an optimal refund scheme for your company.


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Member States of Refund – MSR


Refundable Excise Duty per Liter in Euro MSR


  • Belgium Belgium: 0.2476 €/litre ?
  • France France:
  • Truck - 0.17750 €/litre ?
  • Bus - 0.21730 €/litre ?
  • Hungary Hungary: 0.0217 €/litre ?
  • Italy Italy: 0.2141 €/litre ?
  • Slovenia Slovenia: 0.0627 €/litre ?
  • Spain Spain: 0.049 €/litre ?

So why Excise Duty Refund and why NIKOSAX?

• Excise duty refunds constitute a significant source of income as companies are able to save up to 25cents per liter of their fuel costs abroad.
• You can rely on our 50-year experience of undertaking excise duty refunds for a steady cash flow that will ensure that your company is not losing any of its profits.
• You are able to further optimize your cash flow by getting pre-financing from Nikosax, while enjoying personal customer care in your native language from a dedicated advisor who knows your business.
• Your dedicated customer care agents give you prompts and regular status reports on claims to allow you make effective planning and to ensure that you get your excise duty refunds wherever and whenever it’s possible.
• So join the over 6000 happy customers of Nikosax and take the stress out of excise duty refunds. Enjoy fast payments at highly competitive rates.
• We GUARANTEE you the refund*

*if only all procedures are met